biker-meI love the outdoors, exploring new places and trying new things. Cycling allows me to enjoy all of these. You’ve heard it before, “Everything looks better on a bike,” and it does. It’s my meditation after a long day at work and helps keep me healthy. I enjoy touring, group rides, casual solo rides through the country, riding to work, mountain biking at the Sugar Bottom Recreation Area near Iowa City and Beverly Park in Cedar Rapids, riding RAGBRAI and dabbling in cyclocross racing.

My bike fleet:
Lynskey Cooper CX – cyclocross, touring, gravel grinding, road riding
Trek X01 (single speed with flatbar) – commuting, casual rides
Trek 4500 – mountain biking
Fuji Absolute – single speed, bullhorn handle bars (sold to a coworker)


3 thoughts on “Michelle

  1. Hey Michelle,

    Thanks so much for sharing your blog with us. I love to hear about other female cyclists out there.

    I work in affiliation with Become.com, and I have found it to be an excellent resource for bike stuff… clothes, gear, etc. It is a price comparison/shopping network that has EVERYTHING including a great cycling page. I think it would be a great resource for your readers. It would be awesome if you could put a link up.

    Check it out… Here is the cycling page –

    Let me know what you think.



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